Ten Tips to Lower Your Golf Handicap

If you love golf, then you have undoubtedly spent the entire summer attempting to lower your handicap. The following are some wonderful tips for lowering your golf handicap.

1. Mindset

 Golf is mainly a mental sport. Imagining the shot before taking it and approaching each successive shot with a positive mindset will help you drive the ball well, and you will definitely hole that putt.

2. Practicing At Home

 Everyone knows that golf requires space and time to practice. However, have you ever thought about practicing your short game right from the comfort of your home? You can do both chipping and putting in your yard, so cut that grass and get that golf ball rolling.

3. Visiting The Driving Range

 The key to success is practice. As the winter months approach, playing as much won’t be possible. Visit the range for about an hour so that you still play regularly. You can also use golf training aids.

4. Watching The Professionals

 Golf is always on TV today so ensure that you watch. It is easy to pick up tips and hints with professional demonstrations and analysis on TV.

5. Mind Your Gear

 If you look good, the chances are that you will feel good too. Even when your course does not enforce a dress code, you still need to wear the proper gear to get yourself in the proper mindset.

6. Upgrading Your Clubs

 Professionals can hit the ball further because they use highly tuned clubs. If you wish to play the sport correctly, then you need to consider upgrading your own. They do not have to be top of the range, but any improvement will go a long way.

7. Investing In Quality Golf Balls

 If you cannot afford the better quality clubs, then you can consider upgrading your accessories. Good quality golf balls are rather cheap and can add control and distance to your round. You can check places such as ‘my golf locker’ to see what you can buy in the sale.

8. Playing Regularly

 Practice makes perfect. The more you play, the more consistent you will become. Try to play more regularly. You can even consider taking an afternoon off work to play a round.

9. Visiting Better Quality Courses

 Even though regular play is important, the quality of the course you play also matters and can affect your round. Since putting on poor-quality golf courses is almost impossible, you can treat yourself to a round at a top-quality course.

10. Tuition

 The best way to identify your faults is to get a professional to point them out to you. You can try getting lessons from a PGA Tour professional and see how much it will improve your game.

 In conclusion, this article discusses the top 10 tips for lowering your golf handicap. The tips come from experienced and professional golfers and golf trainers. Use the tips in this article, and you will see just how your game will improve