Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone who has welcomed me to the club and shown patience and understanding throughout the transitional period in the switching of head greenkeepers.

As this is my first course report I would like to highlight a few areas which we would like to address in the next couple of months and into the New Year. I will be working closely with Mark Wells (Pinacle Contracts Manager) on improving the course even further and consistently looking at ways in which we can improve the experience of all who play this course.


Pinnacle have invested in a new John Deere 7700 fairway mower which has already started to show with the general presentation. We changed the angle of our cutting regimes and feel that the presentation of the fairway has greatly improved.

15th and 16th fairways




We still have a few inconsistent bunkers across the course these bunkers along with others we will be redressed with 20-40 tons of bunker sand in the months of February and March just before the new golf season.


As you are all aware we have a large number of trees throughout the course and we recently in conjunction with the hotel management undertook a survey to highlight the condition the trees and issues they may be present. Following on from this survey we have now commenced work and would like to thank all in advance for their patience while works are undertaken.


This Year we have elected to go onto temporary mats slightly early this is to enable us to commence works. Within the last month we have top dressed the tees with over 10 tonnes of dressing and we have fertilized and over seeded. The benefit of taking the tees off slightly early has paid dividends as we still had a few weeks of grass growth which help aid in the recovery or the tees for the new season and allowing stronger root growth.




Throughout this winter we plan to undertake a complete ditch clearing program to enable water to flow freely and aid the drainage across the course.




Throughout September and October major works were undertaken to repair and add to the current number of bridges across the course. Several Bridges were revamped and a new Bridge was installed on the 18th Fairway making it easier to cross the ditch. We also completed works on the following bridges,

  • 2nd Ditches widened and revamped
  • 3rd revamped
  • 4th widened
  • 5th revamped
  • 6th rebuilt
  • 11th revamped
  • 13th Ditches revamped
  • 14th revamped
  • 18th Rebuilt

We are also looking at improving the quality of the steps across the course as some have become quite slippery.


Mark Wells and I will be meeting to plan further works for early in the new year we will of course keep you all fully informed on works.

Once again a big thank you.

Lee Brinkley Head Green Keeper

Mark Wells Contracts Manager